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Winter Weary?

Here in northern New England we've had quite a stretch of weather: three storms over the past two weeks have deposited significant amounts of snow, along with a fair amount of ice. 

At the road, the pile of snow touches my mailbox; at the grocery store, driving through the parking lot is like navigating a treacherous maze. There, the snow has been plowed into 10- or 12-foot high mini-mountains making it impossible to see what's around the corner.

This past week I'd just gotten the ice off the driveway from one storm when nine more inches of the white stuff was deposited the next day! (I'm convinced whoever wrote "Winter Wonderland" didn't have to keep the driveway clear...or lived in Los Angeles!)

That said, once cleaned up, it's quite beautiful.

One kind word can warm three winter months.
~Japanese Proverb


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