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What's Your Word for 2016?

For some people, the new year isn't about resolutions, it's about a word....a single word upon which they've chosen to focus. Not being a resolution sort of a person, when I stumbled on this 'word' idea a few years ago, it appealed to me. I can't say I've always stuck with the word for the entire year, so in that sense this exercise goes the way of many resolutions! :)

Still, I do think about coming up with one every December.

This time around, "2015 in review" had been on my mind weeks before 2016 arrived. As I reflected on the preceding year, I recalled a a speech Queen Elizabeth gave back in the early 1990s. In it, she said, "1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted has turned out to be an 'Annus Horribilis.'"

Prior to that, I'd not heard the phrase. Latin for "horrible year," it's quite perfect, really (as was her dry wit which I also appreciated) - and the speech became famous as a result. Google it. You might be surprised how many entries you'll see.

For me, 2015 was most certainly an "Annus Horribilis." I'd rank it right up there at the top. Still, as I looked back over the many difficult things which had occurred, I was reminded that there were bright moments. Fun, even. Enjoyable!

And while I knew I wasn't going to be sorry to see 2015 go, I also am keenly aware of how quickly - relentlessly - time marches on. In that sense, I am never in a hurry to fast-forward to the next day, or week, or month - no matter how lousy things might seem.

Regardless of how unkind 2015 was to me, I wasn't anxious to speed up its departure. The challenges of the year may have outpaced the good times; still there were ample positives. In that vein, I've chosen perspective as my word for 2016.

I will do my best to make it a habit to reflect each day on a short list of good things which have occurred. Even on the most difficult day, they are there. Even in the worst of circumstances, they can be found. It requires perspective, and maybe just a bit of extra effort when times are not so rosy. Good exercise, though. We'll see how I do.

What's your word?

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