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What's Wrong With Easter Eggs?

I suppose this was inevitable given the climate of the times: an elementary school in Seattle has deemed the term "Easter egg" unacceptable. The alternative? "Spring sphere."

Evidently, a 16-year old student from an area private school, as part of a week-long service project, volunteered to work with a third grade public school class. At the end of the week, she wanted to give the children plastic Easter eggs filled with candy - but was "unsure how the teacher would feel about that."

Why the concern? At a meeting earlier in the week, the student volunteer had learned about some of the school's "behavior rules." To make sure she was in compliance, the volunteer asked for permission from the teacher to distribute the eggs. The teacher took the idea to administrators, who indicated they would approve - as long as the eggs were referred to as spring spheres rather than Easter eggs.

As soon as the children saw the eggs, they were delighted. "Wow! Easter eggs!" Though the teacher cooed about the beautiful spring spheres, the kids called it like they saw it: Easter eggs!

Way to go, kids.

(By the way, this same town removed the word "Easter" from all advertised egg hunts as well.) First Christmas is politically incorrect, now Easter. What's next? 

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