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What's So Special About Archival Matboard?

At The Christian Gift only premium quality, archival materials are used to create the art.  

The inks, art paper and matboard are all designed to deliver an exceptional end product - one that will look great not just today, but for many years to come. Why do it? We think you deserve something you can count on to last.

When you purchase mass-produced art, the matboard isn't museum-grade, because low cost is the name of the game - not preservation. The core of low-quality matboard will turn yellow (look at the bevel cuts and you'll see this quite clearly). Even worse, acids in the mats will leach into the artwork and harm it.

This process of deterioration and damage can begin in as little as a few months.

We use 100% cotton (rag) matboard. This superior product meets museum conservation standards as set by the Fine Art Trade Guild, and is guaranteed safe for any artwork. It's acid free and lignin free, and all its components are buffered - so your wall art will look as good ten years from now (and beyond) as it does today.

Ragmat is more expensive than standard decorative matboard, but it makes a significant difference in the way your artwork will hold up. A piece finished with quality ragmat will still have a fresh, crisp, "brand new" look many years from now. It will never "bleed" onto the artwork and damage it.

One word of caution: no matter how fine the materials, direct sunlight will take its toll. Be sure to hang your art so that it's protected from harsh light and won't fade.  

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