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Welcome, Autumn

Little White Church - Eaton, New Hampshire 

Growing up in the Midwest, autumn was not my favorite season. The stately, mature oaks which filled the landscape - beautiful though they were - didn't become very colorful as summer bid us farewell.

To me, autumn meant lots of yard cleanup, knowing that the biting cold winter was not far behind.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I eventually ended up living in New England. If anything, autumn yard cleanup there became even more of a job since we lived on the edge of a forest. But I didn't really care. Suddenly, late September and most of October were spectacular!

Acer saccharum, the lovely sugar maple, proliferates. Beautiful birches, New Hampshire's state tree, grace the landscape. Multiple shades of red, orange and yellow decorate the region in jaw-dropping splendor.

My favorite foliage spot anywhere, the White Mountains, are filled with the most stunning, fiery color I've ever seen. For many landscape photographers, there's nothing quite like autumn.

Let the show begin!

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