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Volunteer Recognition - Is There a Story Like This at Your Church, Too?

The stories behind some of the recipients of our service recognition plaques are amazing.

I just spoke with a woman last week who was ordering a plaque for someone at her church; they're excited to be honoring the recipient in a few weeks for 50 years of service as an usher. 50 years!

Another man recently ordered a plaque for a musician who's helped to lead worship for many years. The church sponsors an annual Christmas concert that has become a much-anticipated community event and which includes a broad range of instrumentalists - it's become so popular it outgrew its original venue. I was told about the joy on this fellow's face as he shared this music that he loved so much, and the fact that this year's event would be bittersweet in that it was going to be his last time as a participant. 

His fellow musicians wanted to do something special so sponsored a reception in his honor; the plaque was the surprise gift he'd receive that day after his final concert.

Yet another woman recently told me she was ordering plaques for two men who have lovingly cared for the grounds of their parochial school. Imagine everyone's surprise as the pair went way above and beyond the call of duty: rather than just cutting the grass and trimming the shrubs, they took it upon themselves to design and install beautiful new gardens - donating all the plants themselves - which are now being enjoyed by the children, the staff - and all who visit the adjacent church! Of course there's wonderful work being done by church volunteers all across the country.

Most churches couldn't operate without volunteers.

Think about all the things that happen on a routine basis, from "Sunday morning jobs" like ushers, greeters, Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers, singers and instrumentalists - to "day-to-day jobs" like office help and committee members - to people who volunteer to assist with programs like Vacation Bible School or who prepare meals (like congregational lunches or suppers, or funeral luncheons so appreciated by families and friends after the service) or those who participate in mission trips, or who donate their talents to construction projects.

Obviously this is just a partial list - I'm sure many of you can think of quite a few more as you consider your own church. Way to go, Volunteers!

People aren't "in it" for a public call-out. They don't expect some sort of fanfare for their service. Still, a pat on the back - a sincere thank you - an acknowledgement of the time and talents that have been donated - can go a long way.

If you want to convey your thanks in a tangible way, our collection of personalized service appreciation plaques is a nice option. We also have designs created especially for teachers and musicians.

Service Appreciation Plaque - Religious - God's Love Shines Through You

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