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Very Good, Indeed: Genesis 1:31

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31


Setting Sun Paints the Presidential Range at Jefferson, New Hampshire

Thankfully, the lupine are still blooming north of the presidential range. Last weekend's shoot in the normally reliable area of Sugar Hill was tough not only due to weather conditions but also because some of the fields are more sparse than usual. While still beautiful to look at, they are more difficult to photograph.

Friday evening, I made my way up to Jefferson on what I thought was probably a fool's errand. With a ridge of high pressure sitting above New England, and some stiff winds to boot, the chances of decent sunset conditions seemed like a long shot. Still, the flowers aren't going to hang around indefinitely so I opted to roll the dice. Long story short, there were some clouds, there was some color, and there was even alpenglow.

The flowers were not yet past peak, and the winds died down enough that I was able to make the photo. A perfect evening! Every time I'm out with my camera trying to capture the beauty of the natural world, I'm struck by what a great gift God has given us. Very good, indeed.

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