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Order End of Year Appreciation Gifts Now!

Time Flies

Once the calendar turns to November, things just seem to shift into high gear.

Especially as we prepare to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's typically a flurry of activity at most churches. Volunteers, staff and ministry team members alike are often keeping quite a few plates spinning.  

As the year draws to a close, it's a perfect time for congregations to recognize all that hard work. I know many of you do just that because it's a busy season here at The Christian Gift! 

If you're thinking about tangible gifts as a way to convey thanks, you might be interested in one of our personalized appreciation plaques. 

There are collections designed especially for members of the clergy, for musicians, and for Christian educators. There are also dozens of designs that can be customized for virtually any job or occasion. 

Each piece is an original design, and each is created using premium archival-quality inks, paper, and matboard. Even the tape used to mount the artwork to the matboard is archival and imported from Germany. 

If you select the frame-ready option, your piece will arrive finished with a backing board (ready to slip into a frame) and enclosed in a clear sleeve: suitable for presentation.

Alternatively, we can frame the artwork for you. You'll see the options for each piece when you click on the design. 

Follow the links below to browse the collections:

Personalized Clergy Appreciation Plaques

Personalized Musician Appreciation Plaques

Personalized Teacher Appreciation Plaques

Personalized Service Appreciation Plaques



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