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The Sunset is God's Signature

The sunrise is God's greeting; the sunset His signature.

I was fortunate to witness this spectacular sunset late last week. What beauty surrounds us in nature! As lovely as this was, it was heart wrenching to watch. I'd checked the clouds regularly in the hours leading up to sunset - and the conditions did not look promising for a colorful display.

Add to that the fact that it was Friday night during the height of "leaf peeping" season, and I decided to pass on heading to what was certain to be heavily congested Portsmouth in order to try to make a photo. Wrong choice. :(

As I was heading toward a neighboring town in my car, I could see the entire sky lit up - not just to the west but also eastward and north - in vibrant shades of pink.

Fortunately, I had my phone with me so was at least able to capture the display in a small way.

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