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The Magic of the Ornament Box

As I was pulling out the ornaments the other day, I got to thinking about what an extraordinary experience that is, without I'm sure it is for many of you, too.  

It brings people who have been gone for many years or from whom I'm separated by great distance right there into the room with me. Pretty powerful stuff!  

It's as if I'm dipping my hand into a time capsule from which I pull very fond memories and relive special moments...some from when I was quite young.  

Case in point: two of my ornaments, a tiny little manger scene and a small silver guitar, used to go on my parents' tree. When I was very young - maybe three or four years old - of course I wasn't allowed to touch any of the glass ornaments. Those two, though, were saved for me. I was always very excited about the prospect of hanging them in their places of honor. All these many years later, they are two of the first I seek out when the boxes are opened.

Other ornaments were gifts from my sainted mother with whom I was very close. She suffered a massive stroke when I was 21 years old; it left her bedridden for the next 15 years until her death. Seeing those reminders erases the years and, to some extent, her illness, and brings her right back into the room with me.  

Then there are the ornaments I've collected on vacation or from annual trips back home to Chicago where an obligatory visit to Marshall Field's State Street store was part of the pre-Christmas drill.  

Still others were gifts from family and friends. As each is pulled from the box, I recall the gift giver. What a magical thing!  

Beautiful to look at - but even more lovely because of all they represent.  

How about you? What kind of magical memories do you find when you open the ornament box?  

This truly is a most wonderful time of the year!  

Warmest wishes for a blessed Christmas to you and yours.

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