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The Dog Days

Where has the summer gone? (For that matter, where has this year gone?)

Store aisles are filled with back to school supplies. Many churches are preparing to get back into the swing of things with programs that pause for a break over the summer.

We're not even halfway through August, but September's busy calendar seems to be shouting for attention.

Not so fast!

The dog days are upon us. There's still plenty of time to enjoy a few glorious, lazy afternoons at the beach - or hiking - or biking - or gazing out at the world from a comfortable chair on the porch.

And don't forget, the National Park Service celebrates its birthday on the 25th of this month. If you're looking for an excuse to head out on one last summer road trip, this is a pretty good one! Enjoy the rest of the summer. We'll have plenty of time to shovel snow later. :)

McHenry Dam State Park - McHenry, Illinois 

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