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The Church's One Foundation

I grew up singing hymns and still love them. The Church's One Foundation is among my favorites. The lyrics to verse 1 are paired here with the a church steeple that's a landmark in this neck of the woods.

In Portsmouth (NH) the other day to meet some dear friends visiting from my hometown in Illinois for lunch, of course I had to show them the beautiful North Church at the center of town. Actually, since it's the focal point of Portsmouth, it's kind of hard to miss!

It was one of those "September sky" kind of days...sapphire hues and perfectly clear with not a single cloud visible. I've been waiting for a certain kind of sky to photograph a composition featuring the church that I've had in mind. Zero clouds won't be part of that particular photo.

But the contrast of the bright white steeple against the deep, clear blue was lovely in its own right and I thought you might like to see what it looks like on a day like that one.

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