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The Beauty of Solitude

Some folks need to be around others in order to be comfortable.

While I like people, I also enjoy my own company. Solitary pursuits are easily as interesting to me as those that involve rubbing shoulders.

Landscape photography is, for the most part, something best done alone - unless you're with another photographer. (It can be mind-numbing for someone to accompany a photographer while he or she works - lots of seemingly endless waiting along with revisiting the same location over and over understandably become tedius for the one without the camera).

I spend quite a bit of time by myself working in the field. I saw a nice visual representation of the beauty and peacefulness of solitude earlier this week as I was doing some aerial photography from the skies over Florida (courtesy of my brother, who's a pilot).

I like to look for interesting patterns and shapes from the air - the added bonus here was the solitary sailboat. What a way to get away from it all!


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