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Teacher's Day

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.
~author unknown

Like me, I'm sure you remember some of the teachers you had over the years with great fondness. No matter how many years removed you might be from their classrooms, you can conjure up vivid images. You recall the subject matter or you remember specific lessons.

Perhaps one of your instructors was instrumental in pointing you toward your eventual career path.

You might still be in touch with some of your favorite teachers.

There was no such thing as National Teacher's Day when I was a kid (it's a relatively recent observance) - but somehow we found a way to convey thanks at the close of the school year without this or that entity suggesting we do so!

I recall one long-ago early-June morning: my mother and I cutting some lovely peonies from her garden to create a bouquet to take to my teacher. We wrapped some paper towels soaked in water around the tips of the stems to keep the blooms fresh during the bus ride to school. I was in the fourth grade.

All these years later, I distinctly remember Miss Redfern, and also the day I got to take those flowers to her.

Which teachers do you recall fondly?

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