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Summer at the Garden

Late August already: the new school year is just around the corner for some, while others have already returned to class. The last few months seem to have moved unusually quickly. Still, there's more summer to enjoy. With overcast providing nice, even light last Friday afternoon, I grabbed the camera and headed in to Portsmouth to photograph one of my favorite spots there: the formal garden at Prescott Park. The plants are at the height of their summer display, with wonderful varieties of coleus providing punches of vibrant color.

Full disclosure: the garden has great sentimental value to me as well, since my husband and I were married there.

Fortunately, the weather was spectacular on that day, in spite of a hurricane which had threatened earlier that week to move up the coast. Neither we, the pastor, nor our guests had to dodge rain or wind. The skies were blue, the temperatures moderate, and there was no humidity.

Formal Garden at Prescott Park - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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