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Stepping Over the Threshold into the New Year

And so 2018 begins! It seems like not very long ago we were all talking about Y2K - how can it be that 17 years have passed since then? Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

Photography has been a challenge the past few weeks here in Eastern Idaho. We've had long stretches of fog and/or overcast which have made it nearly impossible to find any interesting landscapes.

Having begun my own little New Year's tradition seven or eight years ago of making sure I was in a good spot to watch the sun come up on the first morning of the year (even better if I could make a photograph),

I was disappointed yesterday morning to see that we were once again socked in with full overcast. That's two years in a row now.

We'll see what the next few days serve up. I'm itching to get outside with the camera.

Meantime, here's the final image from 2017. The eastern sky at sunset, up at my "neglected fence," on December 30th.

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