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Start Each Day With a Song

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Once winter finally retreats and the first buds appear on the trees, things start to move quickly. Here in Northern New England, while just a few days ago you could barely make out buds on many of the trees, now they're all showing green and will soon be fully leafed out. We're very close to seeing something we haven't in a long while...SHADE!

While all this action is taking place among plant life, it's also wonderful to hear the melodies of scores of birds filling the air once again. On my deck in back of the house, there hangs a birdhouse. Every year, a family takes up residence there. It's very exciting to catch a first glimpse of them (they showed up last week); I enjoy being their "landlord!"

This spring, we've had an additional arrival - the little guy above has been hanging around the deck and back yard for a few weeks now. First thing every morning, he's out there sitting on the railing singing his heart out. This got me thinking: perhaps I could learn a little something from my feathered friend.

Maybe I should begin each day with a song, too...even if I don't necessarily feel like it. Starting the day with a purposefully positive attitude will no doubt set the course for the hours to follow. It may not change the outcome of some of life's very difficult challenges - but it will have an impact on how I face them.  

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