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Small Acts of Caring

Generally speaking, kindness seemed to come more naturally to people in years past than it does today. All one has to do is read through comments routinely posted online to see how acerbic and unkind many can be. Could that be a function of how disconnected we're becoming?

Ironically, in this hyper-connected world of smartphones and tablets and social media, human beings are more detached than ever before. We "follow" strangers on Twitter, yet don't know the people living next door.

Borrow a cup of sugar? I don't even know your name.

Smile at you? I'd have to look up from my phone to notice that you're there.

Carry on a conversation? Why talk with you can text?

It's harder to care if we're unconnected. We miss out on opportunities to extend those small kindnesses that are such important threads in the fabric of life. As Leo Buscaglia reminds us in the quote below, big things can come from small acts of caring. Let's re-establish some of those ties that may have gotten frayed!


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