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Skies Are Blue

September.....when the haze and humidity of the summer months gives way to beautiful, deep blue skies. I recall my mother commenting about the lovely September blue skies. Though she's been in heaven now for nearly 20 years, I think of her every time I look up to see the clear, deep azure color often on display overhead this time of year.

She and my dad were married in September. Maybe that's one reason she was so partial to the lovely blue late summer sky. The prolific Rose of Sharon blooms in my garden contrast in such a lovely way with deep blue skies. I was admiring them the other day when the lyrics to "Over the Rainbow" popped into my head.

By the way, if you have never heard Eva Cassidy's rendition of this iconic song, I encourage you to do so. In my opinion, you won't hear it interpreted more artfully and beautifully by anyone else. You'll find it on her album entitled Songbird.

Sadly, Eva died of melanoma at just 33 years of age. One can only wonder how much fantastic music she could have made had she had more time.

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