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Service Recognition - Your Volunteer Highlights

We are honored that so many churches and service organizations trust us to create appreciation plaques for their dedicated volunteers. Some of the contributions made by folks across the country are pretty amazing...(we get a peek at them as we customize the pieces). Occasionally a little "shout out" seems in order!

Just a few highlights from the past couple weeks: A church organist retiring after 50 years on the job. A relief volunteer who used all of his accrued 2012 vacation time to head to the Northeast and work on Hurricane Sandy clean-up. A volunteer who has been donating her time to a local food pantry for 12 years. A church usher who is about to mark is 25-year milestone. An architectural firm and excavating company who both donated their services to a young congregation building their first church. A man who was named construction volunteer of the year for his outstanding contributions building homes in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. A music director who was honored by her congregation for 25 years of service. Wow.

Volunteers are doing terrific things every day in just about every way imaginable. From short term projects to years and years of service - it runs the gamut. I'm sure your church - or service organization - has people just like this. You may be one of them.

Kudos to all who lend a hand, in whatever form.

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