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Service Appreciation - Disciples

Service Appreciation Plaque - Well Done - Disciples

I never pass up an opportunity to see beautiful stained glass windows. Not only are they lovely to look at, I enjoy photographing them - and more than a few products at The Christian Gift have been designed around some of these works of art. 

(In case you're curious, I always ask permission before capturing any imagery inside a house of worship. Never have I been refused, and most of the folks with whom I've spoken have been extremely kind and helpful.)

The service appreciation plaque pictured here features one of the many windows inside the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. The text which is part of the glass explains what this depicts: "Jesus took the loaves and distributed to the disciples." So this is one of the 12 kneeling at the feet of Christ, and you can see that he's holding a basket containing the bread. 

It's been paired with probably one of the most often-used Scripture verses relating to service, Well done, good and faithful servant. (And since that verse has been a favorite of The Christian Gift's customers over the years, I've used it as the basis for more than one appreciation plaque design.) 

If you'd like to look at this plaque in more detail, click here.

To browse the entire collection, follow the link below:

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