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Second Act for Sweet Little Hank

The story of little Hank, the pooch the Milwaukee Brewers recently rescued, is at the same time terribly sad and quite heartwarming. Sad...because he's just one of countless homeless and/or mistreated animals in this country. Heartwarming...because there was a very happy "part 2" to his tale. It appears the pup may have been abandoned.

He wandered into Brewers training camp at Maryvale, Arizona in mid-February - where he was rescued by team employees who promptly took him to a vet for a checkup. There, it was determined the little guy (who is about 2 years old) had likely been run over by a vehicle. Attempts to locate his owner came up empty. Meantime, he was assigned a jersey (#1, of course), given a name ("Hank" - after Henry Aaron who began his storied career in Milwaukee) and became a fixture around the clubhouse and at spring training games.

The decision was made to bring Hank north along with the team, as he was adopted by the family of a Brewers executive. Now he's the unofficial team mascot...and Bernie Brewer doesn't seem to mind one bit! :)

Hank made his Opening Day debut at Miller Park to a standing ovation. You can see a slide show of him at the opener here. 20% of proceeds from the sale of 'Hank items' are being donated to the Hank Fund at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  

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