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Praying With Eyes

One of my favorite landscape photographers, DeWitt Jones, writes a column for Outdoor Photographer magazine. In the current issue, he talks about what photography means to him - that it's much more than making images, it's an experience.

He correctly points out that, if we're not careful, we photographers can get so caught up in making the picture that we neglect to appreciate the richness of wherever it is we happen to be working - to let all five of our senses savor the experience.

A resident of Hawaii, Jones has some fantastic locations literally a stone's throw from his residence. After one session capturing the tremendously beautiful wave action at the shore, he sat at the computer processing the images later that night, and says he said he had a realization that "God gave me photography so I could pray with my eyes!" A beautiful sentiment!

(And this landscape photographer couldn't agree more.)  

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