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Postal Service Increasing Rates Again

The postal service is at it again; their latest rate increase, which takes effect on July 1st, impacts shipping across the board - from Ground Advantage to Priority to first class stamps. 

Priority Mail, which The Christian Gift uses, will see a 5% average increase, with some rates going up by more than $3.00.

The Christian Gift has held shipping rates steady over the past two years in an effort to keep your costs from escalating. That said, it's increasingly difficult to cover these increases. Running the business at a loss is not sustainable.

Averages are one thing: I'm going to wait and see how this impacts specific shipments before determining how to move forward regarding pricing. Transitioning from Priority to Ground Advantage will impact speed of delivery but may be a solution. I'll also explore other carriers to see if they can offer a more cost-effective option.

I'll try to do whatever I can to hold the line. Obviously, the economy is difficult for everyone.

Thanks, as always, for your business. 

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