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Picture Frame Glazing: Why Acrylic?

When purchasing wall art from The Christian Gift, if you choose the Framed and Finished option, your piece will arrive ready to hang. We use acrylic glazing in finishing all our artwork. Why acrylic rather than glass?
  1. Weight Acrylic is much lighter than glass, which reduces the shipping cost.
  2. Durability Acrylic will not shatter and is very difficult to break. Again, because shipping is part of the equation, this is an important consideration.
  3. Clarity Acrylic glazing is clearer than glass, and is distortion-free.
  4. Viewability Roughly 10% more light passes through acrylic glazing versus standard glass glazing, resulting in greater visibility.
Acrylic can be scratched more easily than glass. When cleaning, bypass paper towels and glass cleaner; instead, a soft cloth and water will do the trick. We include care instructions with each piece.

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