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Opening Day

And so it begins...a brand new baseball season. There's something magical about Opening Day - and even though my beloved White Sox will be opening at home in temperatures more suited to football, it won't dampen my enthusiasm. Though I now live nearly 1000 miles away, I'll be cheering them on as I always do....sneaking peeks during the course of the afternoon via the magic of live streaming via MLB.TV. (That's fodder for another post, actually. I wonder how many out-of-market fans like myself MLB.TV has "rescued" since its inception?)

The late Bart Giamatti, the last true baseball commissioner, called it "A Great and Glorious Game." That pretty much sums it up. If you're not a fan, you may think all the whoopla is misguided. Perhaps. But there's a poetry about baseball...a constancy about it...and it evokes feelings and memories that transcend the game. Special, indeed. Play ball!

Spring Training 2013 - Chicago White Sox

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