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Oddball, Obscure Holidays

Who knew there are weird "holidays" associated with many dates throughout the year? I found a list for 2017 the other day and perused it for fun. National Chip and Dip Day sounds like a winner! Then there's Submarine Day....Talk Like Shakespeare Day (appropriately, it falls on the Bard's birthday)....Be Late for Something Day. Someone apparently has too much time on his or her hands! :) (I'm sure it won't surprise you to hear that some of these dates are contested. Evidently it depends on which calendar you consult.) It made me chuckle to see that today, March 1st, is National Pig Day. I was surprised to discover this is a real thing! National Pig Day is celebrated annually in various locations around the country, including Central Park's Tisch Zoo. When I was in college, I took a real shine to pigs. I don't remember what started this, but everyone knew it, and I ended up being gifted quite a few interesting pig-themed items from friends and family over a number of years. The soft spot remains, though I don't collect porcines like I once did. That said, I still have every one of the little critters I've acquired along the way, and two of them who hang out in my kitchen often help me cook: piggy salt and pepper shakers (These are salt and pepper shakers...) I think I'll stick with the mainstream holidays. But I guess I won't be surprised if someone wishes me "Happy Chocolate Day" along the way.

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