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Nubble Light

There's a very good chance you've seen a photograph of Nubble Light somewhere along the way. This picturesque lighthouse on Cape Neddick in York, Maine, is often photographed - and along with Portland Head Light a little further up the coast, probably considered to be quintessentially "New England."

Last evening, there was quite a crowd of photographers on hand at Nubble Light. In spite of howling winds and single digit temperatures, it was an opportunity to capture the nearly full moon over the lighthouse - decorated for Christmas.

An added benefit was the fact that clouds dotted the eastern sky - perfect conditions to catch the light from an exceptionally vibrant sunset off to the west. It made for for lovely pastel colors over the lighthouse as the sun went down.

As happy as I was to capture the moonlit scene which followed, it was the unexpected sunset which I was most happy to have the chance to photograph. 

Nubble Light - York, Maine

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