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New Hampshire's Big Show

Before I moved to New Hampshire, I wasn't exactly a fan of autumn. When I lived in the Midwest, the transition to frosty nights, leaves turning and dropping - all it meant for me was rake, rake, rake - blisters, blisters, blisters. It was also was a stark reminder of what was to come. Winter. (Not my favorite...)

And because I lived in area where oak trees predominate, the color tended to be rather muted. Don't get me wrong; I love stately oaks. But when it comes to color, most are a little on the modest side; more often than not their hues are more subdued than their wildly exhibitionist maple cousins.

Later, when I lived in California, I didn't have to worry about blustery winter. But with the change of seasons so subtle, there was nothing to get excited about when autumn rolled around. So Polly Pessimist used to turn the calendar page, reveal the month of October, and think, "blah."

Then came New England.

Circumstances brought me to the Northeast; it's not like I was Jonesing to get to this part of the country. But a funny thing happened once I arrived. I guess you could say the landscape and I clicked. I fell in love - especially with the mountains.

And along the way, I've done a 180 as far as autumn is concerned. I love it! Late September rolls around, and those extroverted maples - everywhere you look - begin to strut their stuff.  By the first part of October they're vying for attention, each tree trying to best the one next to it, and the landscape is painted in vibrant hues of yellows, oranges and reds.

Autumn is arguably the prettiest time of year here. It's the season during which I most enjoy working in the field with my camera. Especially when we're treated to a "bumper crop" of color - like this year in the White Mountains - it's a vision that will take your breath away. In case you're wondering, my attitude adjustment hasn't extended to winter. If anything, living in a part of the country where 100 inches of snow in a season is not unusual has only heightened my desire leave it behind and spend January through March in a nice, moderate climate somewhere! For now, though, I don't think about the snow that is to come. I just look outside and enjoy the show.


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