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My Little Feathered Tenants

Every spring and early summer for the past 5+ years, we've had the pleasure of providing a home for a bird family via a little birdhouse fashioned after a mill building right outside our back door. They're wonderful "tenants," sweetly singing and busy being good parents to their babies when they arrive.

They seem to be accustomed to me working in the yard or sitting on the deck, so aren't bothered by my presence.

It's the same species who "move in" every time; I wonder if it could be the offspring born the previous year who remember the house and come back to raise their own young?

Now that the little ones have arrived and are out flying on their own, I know the family will be leaving us before long. I'll miss seeing them perched on the roof of their house or on one of the deck posts, singing away - but it's a privilege to share our yard with them (and provide a little bit of shelter) while they're here.

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