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Musician Appreciation - Well Done, Good Servant

My hometown church in Barrington, Illinois will always remain close to my heart. I was baptized and confirmed there, and though I moved away nearly 20 years ago, many close friends are still there. Some have known me since birth. That church has been blessed with many talented musicians who have contributed greatly to the music ministry over the years.

Their current organist, a dear friend, has just announced his retirement after many years on the job. It's interesting to think about the hundreds - perhaps thousands - of people he's touched with his beautiful melodies during his tenure! With enthusiasm and devotion, he's offered wonderful musical praise to God. I know I'll miss seeing him up there in the choir loft in his familiar position at the organ next time I go home.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

I know my friend Gary is not alone. There are people just like him in churches across the country, faithfully serving week after week. Think how much their contributions add to worship! Is there a significant date involving your music ministry coming up? Maybe someone is going to be retiring like Gary? Or perhaps one of your musicians will be marking a milestone year of service? If you'd like to convey thanks in a tangible way, check out our collection of personalized musician appreciation plaques.

 Praise Him - Organist - Musician Appreciation Plaque 

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