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In Search of the Color

Here in New England, the "grand show" of spectacular autumn color is about to get underway in earnest. Each year we wonder what kind of display we're going to get. Because this summer was exceptionally dry and the trees have been stressed, I'm expecting things to be somewhat muted.

Already where I live in the southernmost part of New Hampshire, I'm seeing more than a few trees with leaves simply turning brown and falling to the ground early.  That said, even a muted show can take your breath away. I've never seen anything like the color here in northern New England, and I never tire of the amazing display.

Due to the conditions, I anticipate the peak will be a little earlier than usual and there will be a narrower window of opportunity for me to work. I'd planned to head up to Vermont today and tomorrow to do some work along the Woodstok-to-Rutland corridor (for those of you who live in this area...along Route 4), but the heavy rains forecast for today have thrown a monkey wrench in my plans. I'll hike and shoot in drizzle (actually, damp overcast can be perfect conditions - the colors are more saturated) but not downpours.

Plans are now fluid. Looks like it'll be Vermont Saturday...and what comes after that, who knows?

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