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Honoring Godparents - Baby's First Friends in Faith

It's a special honor to be chosen as godparent.

In many faith traditions, godmother and godfather will have an important influence on the spiritual development of the child. In fact, godparents may be expected to participate in the nurturing of their godchild's Christian life and education.

Whether they're going to play an active role versus one that is more symbolic, it's the basis for a special relationship - and one that is all the more respected and celebrated since godparents are typically very close family friends or relatives.

After you've carefully selected those who will serve as godparents, and as baptism day approaches, you might be thinking about what you as parents can do to acknowledge these people and commemorate this unique partnership between your godchild and his or her godparents. Your child will no doubt be receiving gifts which will mark the day; this is a great opportunity to do the same thing for godparents. They will be touched when you present them with a personalized keepsake to convey your thanks for their commitment.

There are the obligatory mugs and picture frames, but you might want something more unique and special - something that communicates how special baby's godparents are to you...and how significant you hope they will become to your child.

While you may find that you have to search a little more diligently than usual to find something truly unique, it's worth the pursuit! Gifts that allow for customization are terrific and really transform what would otherwise be an "off the rack" item into something very individual and meaningful. In addition to including the child's name and baptism date, some will allow you to add the godparents' names and perhaps even the name of the church.

Certainly as your child grows, it's nice to get her into the habit of remembering the day she was baptized - and along with it, her very first friends in faith. To mark the occasion, she might send a card or small gift to her godparents.

There are always birthdays and Christmas, but baptism is a noteworthy date that is unique to them! With some nurturing on both sides, this can become a wonderful lifelong connection.

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