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Going Up

As you may be aware, the price of lumber has skyrocketed. The implications of this reach far beyond the construction business. Not just wood, but all paper products (such as matboard) have increased dramatically. For example, we've seen multiple price increases from our frame vendor over the past year, with each hike ranging between 5-10%.

In spite of this, we've held the line on our retail prices, choosing instead to absorb these rate hikes rather than pass them on to you. (In fact, we have not raised prices on any of our products for quite a few years.)

If this trend continues, however, we may be forced to rethink the situation.

Please know that we appreciate how difficult the past year has been financially for so many. It has certainly impacted The Christian Gift also. Because we are sensitive to this dynamic, we'll do our best to keep retail prices from increasing as long as possible.




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