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God's Detours

Life seems to like to disrupt plans. You're driving along on a sunny day with the top down and then...there's a barricade up ahead. We run into roadblocks and detours all the time.

It's interesting how often a situation that seems completely overwhelming sometimes turns out to be one of those "silver linings" kind of experiences. You look back and realize the outcome was better than if you'd stayed on the main road.

Sometimes God is trying to help us avoid a bad accident ahead. Maybe He's trying to show us something we wouldn't have otherwise considered. Life is full of detours.

As we're traveling along those inevitable alternate paths...the ones we didn't plan's a good idea to keep our eyes open to take in the scenery along the way. There may be all sorts of opportunities there just waiting to be discovered.

The key is to trust the fact that we've got a Navigator with us on each and every ride. (WAY better than the GPS!)    

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