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Daniel Webster: On the Scriptures and a Firm Foundation

Remember Daniel Webster from your history class? The New Hampshire native served in the U.S. House (10 years), then the Senate (19 years), and was twice Secretary of State. A successful lawyer and leading Constitutional scholar, he was also a gifted orator. Here's what this successful, well-known, well-regarded man had to say about his achievements:

Daniel Webster

This statue of Webster stands outside the entrance to the State House in Concord, New Hampshire. It's a beautiful building, built in the early 1800s and later enlarged. Below are two shots of the structure...the first is a view of the front exterior (in which you'll see the statue of John Hale), the second shows closer detail on the dome.

State House

State House Dome

If you're visiting New Hampshire and want to see the State House, it's easy to find. Take Interstate 93 to Concord; the dome will be visible as you look to the west. Get off at exit 14. Make sure to check out the Legislative Offices, too - another lovely building.

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