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Creative Thinking

Our keepsakes for godparents were designed with baptism day in mind. Many parents are looking for something unique to present to their child's sponsors on that special day to commemorate both the ceremony itself and the special bond between child, godmother, and godfather.

Then one holiday season, one of our customers purchased a plaque for each of her young children to give to their sponsors - for Christmas! Though their baptism days had taken place a few years previously, she wanted to do something special for the godparents at Christmas.

Such a great idea, and it was a way to use those plaques that hadn't occurred to me.

Interestingly, it was not a one-off. Since then, we've sold some of these keepsakes every holiday season....some commemorating baptisms that took place sometime during the prior year, and others (like that first creative customer) which were a year or two after the fact.

Thinking outside the box!

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Personalized Gifts for Godparents


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