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Come and See (Yellowstone)

I recently returned from a week long photo shoot in Yellowstone National Park. As you may know, the park is mostly closed to automobile traffic in the winter. The only way to get in and around is via snowcoach, snowmobile, or on foot (skis or snowshoes).

Only a handful of individual snowmobile passes are distributed each day, so most likely you'll be part of some sort of a guided group if you do go exploring there this time of year.

My mode of transport was chartered snow coach in the company of other nature photographers.

The temperatures were quite cold: the first two days the mercury neared 25 below zero as we entered the park early in the morning! While the first location of the day was a little bit of a jolt to the system, these extreme conditions created some magical scenes. We were lucky indeed.

Fire and Ice: Winter Sunset in Yellowstone National Park

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