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Come and See (Winter White)


Come and see what God has done... Psalm 66:5

Beauty surrounds us! Whatever the season, the time of day, or weather conditions - there's likely something interesting going on outside. Sometimes that gorgeous scene is as close as the other side of your door.

I made this photograph back in New Hampshire, in my yard. Heavy, wet snow was falling at a fast clip and the sky was flat white - yet those often-challenging photographic conditions are what created this monochromatic abstract. The strong diagonal lines of the tree in the foreground anchored the shot. The wet snow clung to everything it touched and, thanks to a slow shutter speed, created streaks which added nicely to the composition. Lovely winter lace. Steps from the house.

During the summer months, I used to sit on my deck and admire that lovely oak. It was shaped beautifully, and though situated in a wooded area near the side lawn (meaning it didn't receive any babying i.e. water from the sprinkler, fertilizer, or trimming), it was one of the most stunning trees on the property.

I'm glad I made this photo. Not only do I like it for what it is, but it also reminds me of my adoptive home state, and the yard I lovingly cared for all those years I was fortunate enough to live there.

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