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Come and See! (Aerial)

Psalm 66:5 lends itself exceptionally well to landscape imagery. The magnificence of God's handiwork is on display in such a marvelous way in the natural world.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly up into the peaks of the Teton Range - a photo shoot I've been wanting to do for some months. Finally, after a winter with very active weather patterns, a window of opportunity with fairly good conditions presented itself.

Here you see the peaks of Grand Teton and Middle Teton poking out of clouds which were hugging the western side of the Teton Range. This image was made near sunset. My hope with this shoot was to capture the last light of the day followed by alpenglow. I did get some nice, rich light - but unfortunately a front approaching from the west was on the march a little sooner than what had been forecast.

Heavy cirrus clouds near the horizon stopped the setting sun from casting pink light on the mountains. Still, it was a good shoot. I didn't expect to find cumulus clouds hugging the mountains (it was perfectly clear on the eastern side) so the lovely white blanket was a bonus.

Come and see, indeed!

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