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Christmas Kitty

The Christmas tree went up a few days ago in our house, which made someone very happy indeed.

I was going to skip the tree this year, but our little geriatric buddy loves sleeping underneath it so much, I didn't have the heart to deny her that experience. Ironically, when she was a kitten, she used to destroy the tree...climbing it and knocking ornaments to the ground that had the misfortune of hanging in her path.

I'd never had a cat do that before, so in desperation found a device that emits a high-pitched (silent to humans) noise when tripped. Place it on the floor in front of the tree, and presto! (Also works if you're trying to teach an animal to stay off the furniture.)

Gradually, the cat "burglar alarm" was retired as the furry little cyclone transformed herself into a mild-mannered Christmas Kitty - and now O Tannenbaum is for her benefit as much as it is mine. How times have changed!

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