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Blue Skies

Though it's not quite September, a glance at the sky where I live yesterday afternoon might have had you checking the calendar to be sure.

After a front came through taking the humidity away along with it, we were left to enjoy the crystal clear, deep blue skies that are a trademark of early autumn in northern states. This was the view from my back deck:

When I look at those hallmark blue hues this time of year - especially the first time it occurs, I think of my sainted mother. Without fail, she'd comment when nature delivered up a flawless, sapphire canopy. "There's nothing like a September sky." I can still hear her saying it.

Even though she's been gone for 18 years, all I have to do is look up on a day like yesterday, and she's the first thing I think of. She didn't know it back then, but she was giving me a lovely memento with that signature comment - a reminder of her that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Blue skies (and my mom) smiling at me. Indeed!

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