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Big Brother

My family is a little bit unusual, with a 20-year span between the eldest and youngest child. (I'm the youngest.) My big brother Rich, who was already away from home and serving in the Air Force at the time of my birth, is also my godfather.

Rich is now engaged in the fight of his life. Diagnosed with throat cancer last summer, he has undergone one grueling treatment after another - only to have the cancer return each time. Yesterday he received more devastating news: not only is the cancer back, but the next course of action is to remove his tongue and possibly his voice box.

If he opts against the surgery, he does not have much time. Even with it, it's hard to say what the prognosis might be. Though most of you have never met Rich...if you'd be so kind as to consider saying a prayer for him, it would be greatly appreciated.

If he goes ahead with it, the surgery will take place early in May.

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