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Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park

Backstories - Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park - photograph by Rebecca Metschke

Waterfalls can be challenging to photograph. Often there is little room to maneuver, which means you're forced into a tight vantage point. Unfortunately, that's the same spot where thousands of people have already stood with their cameras.

You can't get closer. Or maybe you can't move around to the side. You might only be able to view a portion of the drop. Maybe you can't even see the waterfall from the front. And so on.

The snapshot you can make from that spot - though accurate in its representation of the scene - isn't all that interesting. It's the same photo everyone else makes. 

Hidden Falls, a 100-foot cascading waterfall in Grand Teton National Park, is one of those features that, while lovely, is difficult to capture. You are limited in terms of accessibility, which can limit creativity. If you're going to create something different, you must think outside of the box.

For me, that meant going abstract. I opted for a very long lens and began searching for interesting compositions. Though it was early in the morning, the sun had begun peeking through the canopy. Soon there would be too much contrast in which to shoot. 

For now, though, the little bit of sunlight added just a little bit of joie de vivre to the scene. 

Is this obviously Hidden Falls? No. But I think it's a more interesting depiction of it than the "straight" shot I could have made.

You'll find the waterfall near Cascade Canyon on the west side of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. It's a very popular destination. If you're visiting and would like to see it, make sure to put it on your list of "early morning things to do." Jenny Lake is very, very busy during the summer months. 

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