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Looking for the Road Less Traveled

Backstories - Get Lost

Country road in Pinkham Notch New Hampshire

Sometimes it pays to get lost. Photographically speaking, anyway, I've found that to be true.

When I first moved to New Hampshire, I had very little familiarity with the area. I knew I wanted to photograph it, though. The beauty of New England tugged at my heart immediately.

I went from a novice to being familiar with what seemed like every square inch of New Hampshire's White Mountains region - and that happened because I'd routinely take roads I'd not previously explored to see where I'd end up, and whether I might find something interesting to photograph.

(A lot of landscape photography is about noticing things, including while you're driving.)

Sometimes I'll look at maps in advance. Other times, I'll see a side road and just take it. 

When I say "getting lost" I suppose I mean that more figuratively than literally. I don't fancy becoming hopelessly lost. Anywhere! When I pull onto random roads I have a general idea where they'll take me, and I pay attention so it's not difficult to retrace my steps before I go too far down any proverbial rabbit holes. 

I found the gravel country road pictured above one day while driving through Pinkham Notch in the White Mountains. Because there is a dual purpose to my landscape photography (meaning I'm also thinking about the type of imagery that might pair well with various Scripture verses for The Christian Gift), roads, paths and trails are always top of mind since there are so many applications for that type of imagery.

There was something about this little side road that appealed to me. 

It ended up pairing nicely with a verse I used to create an appreciation plaque for teachers: 

"Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older they will not leave it."

You can see the finished design below (click on the image for more information).

If you'd like to browse all of the designs for teachers, follow the link.

Personalized Teacher Appreciation Plaques

Teacher Appreciation Plaque - The Right Path



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