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Backstories About the Images - The Lovely Garden

This week we travel to the Midwest, to one of the loveliest "living museums" you can find: the Chicago Botanic Garden. If you like plants and flowers, this is a spectacular place to visit.

The Garden's "lineage" goes back to just before the turn of the last century, when the Chicago Horticultural Society was founded. In its early days, the Society hosted nationally renowned flower shows each year - one of which coincided with the Columbian Exposition (aka the Chicago World's Fair of 1893). In 1962, the group undertook the task of helping to create and manage a public garden.

Ground was broken in 1965, and the garden opened in 1972.

Though it's owned by the Cook County Forest Preserve, the garden is operated by the Horticultural Society. This jewel is located outside of the city in the northern suburb of Glencoe. Its nearly 400 acres feature 27 gardens, including a 17-acre lakeside Japanese Garden, an English Walled Garden, and a stunning Rose Garden. Speaking of which, if you stroll through the Krasberg Rose Garden when it's in bloom, you'll find three acres of more than 5,000 stunning flowers.

You can actually see how roses have developed over time in the History of Roses Bed.

Also located on the grounds are a large library and nine plant laboratories for research. There are fewer than 20 public gardens nationally which are accredited by the American Association of Museums: the Chicago Botanic Garden is one of them.

Pictured here is one of the many vibrant zinnias which were blooming late in the summer when I was last at the Garden. 

Whether you're local or will be visiting Chicago over the next couple months, the Botanic Garden is a wonderful place to spend some time. The grounds are open from 7am until 9pm in the summer. If you're staying in the city, you don't need a car to get there: you can use public transportation. For more information and directions, check out their website: Chicago Botanic Garden 

This being Mother's Day weekend, I thought it appropriate to feature an image which was used to create a personalized gift for mother.

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