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More Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Backstories About the Images - Northern Illinois Glass

Stained Glass Window in McHenry County Illinois

I began photographing stained glass windows quite a few years ago - not long after The Christian Gift was born.

While I've always appreciated their beauty, these windows sometimes translate well stylistically for designs I have in mind. I don't always know when I'm photographing a stained glass window whether or not it'll end up incorporated into one of my pieces, but I never turn down an opportunity to capture one!

These beautiful works of art aren't always easy to come by. They're prevalent in some places and nearly non-existent in others. Because I've lived in locations that fall into the latter category for many years now, I typically find windows when I'm on the road. 

The one pictured here came via a tip from one of my brothers. I was back in Northern Illinois visiting family when he mentioned that he thought I'd be very interested in a church in which he'd just attended a funeral. Not only was it near his home, but he said it had multiple stained glass windows.

How could this not be a great opportunity?

I phoned the church to ask if they would allow me to photograph their windows (they said, "absolutely!") and to schedule a time to swing by.

What stunning glass I found there! There were, indeed, many windows, and they were all lovely. The church's architecture is contemporary, so the windows have that same feel. 

I was impressed with all of the glass, though the window pictured above was a favorite. It became the basis for a clergy appreciation plaque, as you can see below.

I've photographed windows in Quebec City, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Boston. Are there great windows near where you live? Let me know! :)

I Chose You - Personalized Clergy Appreciation Plaque

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