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Appreciation for Pastor

If asked to describe your pastor, you might use any number of words: teacher, leader, counselor, friend... This person - or other member of the ministry team - may have helped you through a difficult period in your life.

Conversely, he might be cherished for presiding over an important occasion like baptism, confirmation, or a wedding. You might credit him with guiding you to a closer relationship with the Lord. He may have profoundly inspired you in some other way.

Members of the clergy can have a tremendous impact on many. Their extended church families may be vast.

In spite of this, and somewhat paradoxically, it can be a lonely and stressful profession. In a sense, pastors are always "on call" and they work some long, crazy hours.

Providing support to those who are experiencing loss, turmoil, strife, or any sort of extreme challenge, can exact an emotional toll. Think how difficult it is for you to watch someone you care deeply about struggle....and multiply that across the many people about whom your pastor may be concerned.

Sometimes people are quick to critique: the sermon...or maybe the choice of music one day...or this...or that. Criticisms can add up - and weigh a person down. Congregants can speak with the pastor and know the subject matter will remain private. But who can your pastor turn to when in need of advice or if struggling with an issue?

It's easy to see how members of the clergy can end up feeling somewhat isolated - and maybe a little burned out. That's one of the reasons the idea of 'pastor appreciation' is a good thing.

That thank-you can be as simple as mentioning the fact that you really enjoyed the sermon you just heard. Or maybe inviting pastor and family over for lunch. If he has a family, perhaps an offer to babysit so he and his wife can enjoy a night out.

Of course, the congregation might get together and do something on a little bit bigger scale, but the idea remains the same: a little acknowledgement can go a long, long way.

If you decide you'd like to present clergy with something tangible to convey your thanks, there are many options. Get creative!

The Christian Gift has a collection of personalized Pastor Appreciation Plaques which can be given by individuals or congregations. They're custom-created using premium quality materials, yet affordable. 

Like a Tree - Personalized Clergy Appreciation Plaque from The Christian Gift


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